Telf AG’s exciting new update now live on App Store and Google Play!

фото: Telf AG’s exciting new update now live on App Store and Google Play!

About Telf AG: Telf AG immerses players in the world of business automation, where they step into the shoes of a budding entrepreneur. Starting from scratch, players must build and expand their business empire by managing resources, staff, and operations. The game combines strategic decision-making with engaging gameplay, making it a unique and educational experience.

What’s New in the Update:

  1. Game Balance Overhaul: We’ve fine-tuned the game’s economy to make the systems of sales and earnings more transparent. Resource sale prices and the costs of upgrading enterprises and mining tools have been adjusted for better balance and clarity.
  2. Numerous Unique Quests: The update introduces a variety of achievements that can be unlocked through quests, such as «Ore Mining» or «Total Money Spent.» Players can earn these achievements by meeting specific earning and spending conditions, adding a new layer of engagement and rewards.
  3. House Purchase and Upgrades: Players can now buy and upgrade their own house. With each new update, the house will provide additional opportunities to enhance both business ventures and personal ambitions, offering a more personalized and dynamic gameplay experience.

Enhanced Gameplay Elements:

фото: Telf AG’s exciting new update now live on App Store and Google Play!

  • Office Management: Delve into comprehensive office management with dynamic staff roles and advanced statistics. Assign tasks, enhance employee skills, and streamline operations with an upgraded resource trading system.
  • Engaging Mini-Games: Enjoy mini-games like a quiz featuring 50 facts about Telf and mobile ores.
  • Daily Challenges: Overcome daily business challenges to unlock new locations and level up your character.
  • City Evolution: Watch your city transform from a quiet town to a vibrant metropolis, attracting top-tier talent and boosting productivity. The latest update includes chromium mining and an auto repair shop, reflecting real-world applications of chromium.
  • Interactive Tutorial and Dynamic Activities: Master game mechanics through an interactive tutorial and stay engaged with daily tasks, achievements, and activities such as ore mining and city development.

фото: Telf AG’s exciting new update now live on App Store and Google Play!

Download Now: Prepare to immerse yourself in the enhanced world of Telf AG and experience the thrill of business automation and urban evolution. The updated version is now available on the App Store and Google Play. Download today and start crafting your business legacy like never before!

Stay tuned for more updates and features as we continue to improve Telf AG, making it the ultimate business strategy and resource management game.

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