Major update to TELF AG: new mini-games and more features

фото: Major update to TELF AG: new mini-games and more features

It is important to note that Telf AG pays special attention not only to the gaming function, but also to the cognitive function. The game explores the historical importance of mineral resources for the progress of society, inspiring companies to move towards alternative methods of generating electricity and environmentally friendly principles of mining. By combining educational elements with engaging gameplay, Telf AG not only entertains, but also educates players about the key role the mining industry plays in economic development and urban growth.

Telf AG: become a professional and a leader

At Telf AG you become an aspiring entrepreneur, solving the problems of creating a successful business corporation. Starting with a small office, you’ll expand your operations, explore new territories and manage all aspects of the business — from people management to resource optimization.

Current features and unique functions with Telf AG

фото: Major update to TELF AG: new mini-games and more features

Please check out our multifaceted approach to office management, which includes dynamic employee roles and advanced analytics. Delegate tasks to your colleagues, develop their skills, and effectively manage operations with an updated trading resource sharing system. Maintain team spirit by engaging in fun mini-games, such as a quiz with over 50 facts about Telf AG and mobile ores. Remember to solve everyday business problems that help you discover new opportunities and improve your leadership skills.

Track how your city, which began as a small village, evolves into a thriving metropolis under the management of Telf AG. Resources are invested here, business flourishes here, attracting more and more specialists who want to take part in the company’s successful projects.

Exploring new horizons: chrome mining and auto repair shops

The first significant update to the game introduces unique features of chromium mining and its practical application in an auto repair shop.

The exploration and mining of chromium are important elements in the development of the automotive repair industry. This valuable metal is used in the production of specialized automotive parts and materials, ensuring the reliability and durability of vehicles.

Chromium mining begins with the development of ore deposits and the establishment of an efficient infrastructure for its extraction and transportation. This process requires careful planning, strategic resource management and attention to environmental aspects.

After chromium is mined, it is sent to auto repair shops, where it becomes an integral part of the process of restoring and modernizing cars. Chrome parts and components give vehicles a stylish appearance and enhance their functionality.

фото: Major update to TELF AG: new mini-games and more features

The actual use of chrome in an auto repair shop highlights the importance of this metal in the automotive industry and allows craftsmen to create high-quality products that meet the needs of today’s car enthusiasts. Experience the game’s mechanics through an interactive non-linear guide as you continue with your daily tasks, aspirations and dynamic activities such as mining ore, city development and car repair.

What is the essence of Telf AG?

Telf AG focuses on business process automation. Participants in the game earn money through strategic clicks and upgrade production to automate ore mining. The main goal is to expand the empire by opening and improving new locations. For successful actions, players are given achievements that help them develop and build their future business strategy.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of entrepreneurship, efficient extraction and use of valuable resources in the urban environment of a metropolis. All this is available in the updated version of the game Telf AG. Stay tuned for the release and get ready to create your own business empire!

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